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How to Start a Blog: Few Basic Tips for New Bloggers

If you are reading this then you must be looking for some guidance on How To Start A Blog ? I have few tips for newbie bloggers who want to make a mark in the blogging world and get started on the very first day. I hope these tips will get your new blog venture fast and effortless.
How to Start a Blog

1. First Step in Starting A Blog : Get the right platform.
Choosing the proper blogging tools right from the beginning of Day 1 is very essential . We recommend Self Hosted WordPress Blogs over Free Blogspot Blogs. Find an easy  to  remember keyword rich domain name. Get reliable hosting for WordPress blogs. If you are new to wordpress , you might hire an WordPress Expert to setup your wordpress blog and do things like SEO and make it more Google Friendly. I am pretty much sure these are the critical things associated with maintaining blogs that you can’t do yourself. Try to avoid cutting corners – getting yourself some professional help before you start blogging.

2. Choose your niche.
There are a millions of website and blogs about all type of niches. Some of them are so boring that one will not even spend a minute reading a page. The few little blogs that do get the readers attentions constantly have something special in them. I would recommend you to blog for something that you like , this makes things easier for you.

3. Be Patient.
It always takes time for a new blog to be recognized and get readers instantly. While content is a vital factor for loyal readership but as a wordpress blogger one needs to experiment with many smaller things like wordress plugins & widgets. In the beginning one might get things wrong but that is the only way you can learn to use wordpress. All these little experiments of yours can become really easy with proper expert guidance where an WordPress Teacher may fix things that you get messed up with from time to time.

4. Blog regularly.
If you love writing something , you must keep it coming through your blog , and i must tell you that Google loves blogs and gives more consideration to those which are updated quite often. So if you want readers to find you in Google, it always works best if you can turn blogging into a regular habit.

5. Find yourself a WordPress Guru
When it is your first time in blogging don’t forget to find a Blogging Teacher before you start , believe me it helps a lot. Situations may arise when you may feel caught up in the mess & eventually give up wordpress at some point of time which is not something you started for, did you!!!

6. Give importance to your content.
New websites must center on attracting dedicated readers seeking your quality content and the best way to do it is by a constant flow of quality content. All the sidebar widgets, fancy tweaks and advertisements can come later. Avoid these things for the first  couple of months of blogging .
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