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10 Best fitness Apps for Your Android phone

In busy life it’s too hard to concentrate on fitness, so how it will be if all fitness instructions and guide in your pocket? I think it is a good Idea if  your phone will be a fitness coach for you. So here we suggesting best 10 Fitness App to concern on your fitness.

1. Adidas miCoach
Adidas miCoach
Like a horribly healthy angel on your shoulder, miCoach offers voice-coaching as it tracks your workouts using GPS. With training plans for various sports and 400 built-in exercises, this Adidas app even tells you when you need to buy new shoes.

2. Office Yoga

Office Yoga             
Turn your workspace into workout space with nine sets of easy yoga movements to do at your desk. Text, pictures and audio guide you through moves to overcome everyday ailments – all low-key enough not to upset your colleagues’ coffees.

3. Fitness Buddy
Fitness BuddyOffering more than 300 exercises with detailed descriptions and animations, this is one fitness buddy that won’t leave you gasping as they go for the burn. A paid version adds another 1,400 exercises, HD videos, body metrics tracking and more.

4. Zombies, Run! 2
Zombies, Run! 2Part exercise, part role-play, this app encourages you to stay fit with the threat of imminent zombie attack. Missions involve running or jogging to collect supplies, earn rewards and progress the plot – all to a soundtrack of motivational undead moans!

5. Endomondo Sports Tracker
Endomondo Sports TrackerThis feature-packed free version of a paid app will track any distance-based sport, measuring duration, distance, speed and burn, as well as letting you set targets, get audio updates on your progress, and even hear encouraging things said by your friends online!

6. Couch-to-5k
Couch-to-5kDemanding 30 minutes a day, three days a week, this app aims to have you ready for your first 5km run in just nine weeks. Cartoon coaches ease you in gently, then build you up to increasingly active workouts.

7. Nike Training Club
Nike Training ClubYou really can ‘just do it’ with these fast, flexible workouts ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Including audio guidance and video demos from top Nike trainers (wearing sneakers), it also boasts Facebook and Twitter integration and unlockable workout rewards.

8. FatSecret Calorie Counter
FatSecret Calorie CounterEat yourself fitter with this handy database of calorie, fat and carb figures for supermarket and chain restaurant foods. Type in what you eat (or scan the barcode) and it’ll tot up your intake in the blink of a pie.

9. You Are Your Own Gym
You Are Your Own GymAs the name suggests, this workout programme dispenses with gym equipment in favour of 200 exercises you can do almost anywhere. Based on a best-selling book, the app is boosted by a free video pack to show you how it’s done.

10. Charity Miles
Charity MilesGuilt-trip your gut into submission with this ingenious app that gives to charity whenever you workout. Choose from a range of American good causes, and corporate sponsors will fork out for every mile you walk, bike or run.
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  2. It is new apps for I known.. Thanks for your share.. I go to check it this app...

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