How to Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of AdSense?
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How to Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of AdSense?

Earning from AdSense is all about Click Through Rate (CTR) So, you need to know How to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of AdSense to get best from your Ads.
And if you don’t know What the hell is this CTR? How could we go further? Let’s first discuss this.
CTR is the ratio of number of clicks on ads over number of page views.
So, without much more introduction. Here are the tips on

How to Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of AdSense?

1. Placement is the Thing.

Do you know What changing the Placement of ads could do for you?
Well, by just changing the placement of your Ads you can earn almost 200% of what you are earning now.
But there’s a condition, you first have to find the best place, the place your readers would see the ads without any discomfort. I know it’s hard but you have to.

2. Blending is Good.

You may see many bloggers accusing blending of ads a way to get banned.
But that type of thinking is completely wrong.
Because  Google allows to edit the color of your ads, they have already given you the power of blending.
And now comes the question, How to Blend Ads?
  • First of all see where you want to place the ads (the colour surrounding that area).
  • Than add the colour you found to your ads and you have successfully blended the ads.
It’s that simple.

3. Big Ads Works.

You must have seen many AdSense gurus saying that the ads 728 X 90 and 336 X 280 works well. Right?
It is completely true and you have to use atleast one of them if you are serious about making money.
Proceed With Caution: Don’t put all the three ads of the same sizes in your blog or else you would scare off your readers away.
And don’t put all the three ads above the fold because doing this would get  your blog penalized.

4. Text Ads are better.

You are shocked. Didn’t you?
But its the bitter truth, it doesn’t matter how much better is the image ads, text ads always win the race.
Don’t believe me? Than use text ads from now on and then you would be able to appreciate me. 

5. Above Content is the best place.

Go and see, many popular blogs that have AdSense.
They all would have one thing in common and which is they all would have atmost one AdSense ad above their content.
You must be thinking now that Why it is the best place?
Because it is the place you will get your most clicks on Ads.
As almost every person that would visit your blog would see the title and than the content below it.
And when ads would come in between, they have to see ads.

6. Analyzing is important too.

After working with your ads, analyze your stats.
And than work again(change placement, color,etc.) and analyze your new stats.
Repeat this step as many times as you wish.
Now, you can easily see which works best for you and that’s why it is important.
That’s enough from me, Do you have any tip regarding How to increase the Click Through Rate of AdSense? or you can ask anything related to AdSense below.
I would love to hear your thoughts.
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