Top 6 Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 Android Mobile Phone
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Top 6 Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 Android Mobile Phone

Custom ROMs are a gift by the developer community to us. Without them, Android would be just like Windows Phone and iOS even with all the apps it has. One of the budget phones available in the market is the Samsung Galaxy Y. This is a pretty decent handset which won’t dig a hole in your pocket giving you a good Android experience.
Top 6 Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 Android Mobile Phone

Here is the list of the best Android Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 Smartphone. Let’s check them out!

1. CyanogenMOD 7
Who doesn’t know about CyanogenMOD? Just like many of the famous Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is also one of those lucky phones which are eligible for the Official CyanogenMOD ROM. CyanogenMOD provides all the basic custom ROM features in one package with the promise of regular updates. The CyanogenMOD ROM has all the standard functions of the Android phones along with the CyanogenMOD settings in the settings menu to take the next level of customization. There are various options for every aspect of the phone with CyanogenMOD.

2. MyS ROM
MyS ROM for the Galaxy Y brings many improvements over the stock ROM like fastermulti tasking and better RAM management. The MyS ROM comes with a modified TouchWiz launcher which crashes a lot less than the stock. Some bugs like the pausing of downloads in the Google Play store in this ROM have been fixed along with the option to enable and disable apps with Titanium backup. DSP manager is also present to enhance the audio quality.
Get MyS ROM for Galaxy Y S5360

3. Hybrid ROM
The Hybrid ROM comes in two variants — Lite and Standard. The lite ROM comes with most of the basic functions but it is recommended that you use the Standard ROM as your daily driver. The best feature of this ROM is its language support. The ROM has native support for Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Persian languages among English. Apps2SD and many Build.prop tweaks make this ROM much stable for the daily use.

4. ICS Aura ROM
ICS Aura ROM is one of the most fastest and stable Custom ROM for the Galaxy Y based on the DXKL2 build. ICS Aura is the most popular among Galaxy Y users because it’s the first ICS ROM that is very small in size, deodexed, and doesn’t have any manufacturer bloatware which makes it pretty fast and cool.
Get ICS Aura ROM for Galaxy Y

5. Creed’s ROM
Creed’s ROM is essentially one of the most famous custom ROMs available for low-end budget phones. There are many variants of Creed’s ROM for Android phones but the one which comes for the Galaxy Y comes with interchangeable icons and easy editing of system files so you won’t need to perform any extra steps to customize your phone.

6. Repencis ROM v2.5
This is the 2.5th version of the famous Repencis ROM for the Galaxy Y. The ROM uses ADW launcher for the home screen and with the inclusion of Apps2SD, the limitedstorage in the Galaxy Y will not be a problem. Interchangeable Boot Animation and quick boot are some of the features of this ROM which can prove to be very good for a power user.
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