How to Increase Page Views on Your Blog and Thus Increase Traffic?
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How to Increase Page Views on Your Blog and Thus Increase Traffic?

When you’re started with a website or blog, the very first thing you usually concentrate on is traffic or page views.  As an alternative I suggest their article to be got by newbie’s published.  Help quality content to be written by them.
How to Increase Page Views on Your Blog and Thus Increase Traffic?

If you have lots of articles published, and seeking to improve page views for the website, growing site opinions isn’t that hard.  Any traffic trade site may only do fine.
But when you’re applying Google Adsense, for the site then you’re breaking Google Adsense terms and conditions.  Bing is actually against traffic change programs.
Now back again to the subject on the best ways to improve site views; if Google doesn’t help traffic trade applications, then what’s answer?

Top Tips To Increase Page Views Of The Blog

Search Bar

Many blog systems have a research function and it’s extremely important where it’s easily observed that you show it on your blog, preferable at the top of your blog or at the top of one’s sidebar.
This can allow it to be easier for your people to search for data they need consequently increasing the proportion of one’s page views.

High Quality Content

First and foremost thing you’ll need to concentrate on is creating top quality information.  With the introduction of extensions specifically for wordpress websites and latest pc software structure, Google still depends on custom technique, which can be article writing, that excessive quality.
A customer could provide a page views to you and then just visit your site and recommend his friends about your information therefore growing page views for the website.

Interlink Posts

Most likely the best, and still another very efficient way your blog page views to be improved by one would be to URL to the articles in your article items.
If you create a post that might have some data related to one of yours prior post, all you should do would be to link to it from that one. I’m always carrying this out and it surely helps with my page views.


Maintain commenting on different site in your market.  Prior commenting was a great point and was getting you great quantity of page views to your website.
But because of still another update from Google therefore named ‘Penguin update’ where its pressure on link creating, Commenting has paid off.
As commenting result in link buildings technique and Google only cares for top quality link shells.  Therefore, commenting will even raise your page views.

Eye Catching Headlines

This really is regarding to the prior stage (use excerpts).  If you use excerpts in your blog, make certain that you’ve eye-catching statements that’ll make these potential customers wish to press and visit that blog article site to see the content.
Attention getting headlines has been worked and confirmed for me personally, that’s why I’ve such fascinating headlines.

Show Online Reputation

Then you can show your blog recognition on the sidebar like demonstrating how many RSS visitors you’ve, how many e-mail customers your blog has.
If your blog is common enough or you can also show the Alexa position of one’s blog.  Any new customer could be more interested to understand more about your site.
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