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iPhone and Android Controlled iHelicopter – Perfect for Geeks

You have been seeing kids playing with toys like remote-controlled cars or helicopters. Now with the advancement in technology, people have developed some toys for geeks too. With this advancement, you can use your phone like never before. You can use your iPhone and Android smartphone to control a iHelicopter. It gives you the whole new experience of using your phone.

You might have seen remote-controlled helicopters for kids. It’s such a fun to see kids playing with them. Kids really enjoy such type of toys. The real toys for geeks are Gadgets and the list of gadgets can’t be completed without mobile phones. iPhone and Android smartphones are the first choice of gadget lovers. So people over ParamountZone have developed an iHelicopter which can be controlled with iPhone or Android app
iPhone and Android Controlled iHelicopter

Uses Touchscreen as a Control Interface
Instead of using the remote control, it is controlled with iPhone or Android app. A small IR transmitter is attached to the 3.5mm audio jack of the compatible device. After attaching the transmitter, you need to install the Copter Controller app from Apple App Store or Android Market. Just search for the Copter Controller and install it. Once you have installed it on your phone you will just have to wait for your brand new iHelicopter to arrive and attach the IR transmitter to your phone which is included in the box. You will now be ready and able to start flying this stylish helicopter.
The controls of Copter Control app on your touchscreen interface can be used to fly it Up/Down, Left/Right and Forward/Back. The helicopter can also be controlled with the inbuilt gyroscope of the device. So just rotate the device in the direction in which you want to move it. It is just like playing a motion game on your smart phone. The only difference is you are now playing it in real-time.
iPhone and Android Controlled iHelicopter – Perfect for Geeks

When you start using the app it is important to turn the volume up on your phone to maximum to get best response. This is what regulates the transmitter strength.

Performance and Features
When you will see the video preview at the bottom, you can see that it moves well with the iPhone controller. It is somewhat difficult to move it in tight spaces however it performs well in a large room.
It’s made of crash resistant material which reduces crash damage so you need not to worry about any damage occurring due to crashes.
It don’t require any removable batteries. It is charged with USB port. Once fully charged it can fly for approximately 9 minutes and it takes around 30 minutes to get fully charged. You might be thinking that 9 minutes flight time is really less but the time is best for the price and features it offers.
  • As compared to traditional controllers, you don’t need to buy batteries for the controller which saves a lot of money over the lifetime of the product.
  • It has a Turbo button for extra forward speed.
  •  You can tilt the phone to move it forwards/backwards and left/right.
  • Cool LED lights.
  • Crash resistant material.
Perfect Gift for Men for Christmas
This iPhone controlled helicopter is perfect Christmas present for men especially for those who love Gadgets and love to use new gadgets. So if you were looking for a unique, fun and quality made gadget then this iHelicopter is perfect choice this season.

Buy iHelicopter
You can buy it for just $60 with free worldwide shipping. Buy iHelicopter now.

You can watch the video preview of iHelicopter.
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