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5 Cool Tricks for YouTube Fans - Tips and Trick

Cool Tricks for YouTube Fans

How much time do you spend on YouTube daily? I bet at least 5 minutes a day. YouTube developers have done an extraordinary job of creating a mass-market video portal which became an online networking sensation. Now there are almost half a billion YouTube users worldwide who upload, browse, watch, rate, and comment the terabytes of video content. Such an unmatched popularity of YouTube gave rise to a great deal of third-party tools which enhance users’ experience and make their online time spending more engaging and comfortable. Let’s have a look at some cool things we can do with YouTube videos.

1. Download original songs
Not everyone is aware of the possibility to rip audio tracks from YouTube video clips. In fact, you can save your efforts on looking for a song that you need – just find it on YouTube and download it in MP3 format with YouTube to MP3Converter from Freemake. This free tool features a handy browser plugin that allows users to extract original tracks from YouTube videos with a single mouse click. You just need to set the output parameters (“Extract audio” or “Convert to MP3″) beforehand and enjoy your favourite songs offline.
Download original songs

2. Remix and dub videos
Creative YouTube users will enjoy a fancy app YtDub which lets easily dub any YouTube video with an audio track from another video. The program works easily: you just need to enter the id of YouTube video you want to dub and the video you want to use as the background track, press ‘Dubbo’ and you will get a link to your newly dubbed masterpiece.
Remix and dub videos

3. Upload any stuff to YouTube
Do you know that you can upload photos and MP3s to your YouTube channel? If no, try this VideoConverter- it creates photo slide shows out of photos and background music as well adds stylish visualizations to audio tracks and turns all this into video. There’s an output option of YouTube upload – the app sends videos, DVDs, photos and music (over 250 formats in total) directly to a specified YouTube channel from the program interface.
Upload any stuff to YouTube

4. Burn video playlists to DVD
You have picked up cool videos into a playlist and now you scare that one day they’ll be deleted? Burn the whole playlist to a DVD disk with DVDVideoSoft’s YouTube to DVD app. The software downloads the complete video list in the quality you specify and copies all videos to a DVD. The whole process will take just a few minutes. Don’t forget to opt out if you don’t want to install a custom toolbar.
Burn video playlists to DVD

5. Set a video alarm
Experience problems waking up in the morning? Set your favourite YouTube video as an alarm clock. A useful online tool AlarmTube wakes you up with a video of your choice at the appointed time. Simply set the “Buzz” time and pick any YouTube video you want. The resource requires no registration.
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