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Enlarge Images Without Loosing Quality Using These Awesome Tools - Online Tools

Images have been and will always remain to be a very integral part of our life. We all love to capture images and share it with our friends and relatives. Also we keep images for memory and proofs. Moreover with the introduction of good cameras, imagining our life without images looks almost impossible.
However, at times we get some images from our friends which are of very low resolution, specially those which were taken by old cameras who did not supported high resolutions. And at certain times, we need to enlarge the image to a higher resolution and that too with maintaining the quality of the image, for various functions such as for Printing or for projection.
Even though their are several software out there in the market, which claim to re-size the image to a higher resolution, they don’t claim to maintain the quality. So, it means that you will get a poor quality of the image, if you will try to re-size it. So, isn’t their any way through which one can Re-size the image to a higher resolution but at the same time manage to maintain the quality as well? Well, the answer is Yes. And we are here with a few awesome tools which do this for you.

SizeFixer – Awesome tool which allows re-sizing images up to 400%

This is the first and probably the best tool which allows you to re-size images to a higher resolution. Actually it allows enlarging images upto 400% of the original size of the image. The tool comes from FixerLabs, who have a very renowned name in making awesome softwares.
The software was initially developed for MAC but later because of its immense popularity, it was developed for Windows as well. Here’s a list of some functionality that the software offers.
  • Absolutely no compromise super-resolution image interpolation.
  • Cropping made easy.
  • Stand-alone programs.
  • 8-bit and 16-bit photos.
  • RGB, JPEG and TIFF photos.
  • Available for Windows & Mac

Well, these are just a few of the functionality it offers. There is a lot more that can be done with these tools. But this is a paid application and comes in various flavors. Here are the flavors in which it comes along with the prices.
  •  SizeFixer XL costs $199.95
  • SizeFixer SLR costs $269.90
  • SizeFixer Home costs $59.95
However, the company has also provided a Free trial version for the users who would like to test the software out before buying. The Trial version of this software can be downloaded from here.

SmillaEnlarger- Another Awesome tool

This is an another awesome tool. The SmillaEnlarger software will not only help you to enlarge images but it also make sure that the the image’s quality is maintained. Actually it converts a  low resolution images to a high resolution images by minimizing the images distortion and by maintaining as much as details as possible.

Not only that, it also allows the user to set sharpness, flatness of the enlarged image. Also one can enlarge the images very easily and quickly as the conversion process is pretty fast and fluid.

The best part with this tool is that it is completely free. So you need not spend even a single penny for this software and can still get the work done. Awesome. Isn’t it?
You can Download SmillaEnlarger from here

So, here are the Top 2 tools with which you can enlarge images as per your requirements and that too without loosing the quality of the image. Please drop your comments in the comment box and let us know which tool you use for enlarging images.
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