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Google testing Google Shopping in India

Google is now listing shopping results along with the normal search results in India for select users.
In other words, Google displays shopping results for your search on the right. the shopping results involve the various online retailers. It displays the image along with its pricing.

You are even given a reason when you click on the information icon for the listing “Based on your search query, we think you are trying to find a product. Clicking in this box will show you results from providers who can fulfill your request. Google may be compensated by some of these providers.”

Moreover, the shopping results were displayed only on Safari on Mac, and not other browsers.
Google currently offers Google Shopping in United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, and Czech Republic. Perhaps Google is testing the feature with random users and would make an official announcement in the coming days.

It was in June 2012 that Google renamed Product Search feature to Google Shopping. Search results appear as per what advertisers and retailers pay to Google under its Google Shopping program.
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