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How To Password Protect Your PDF file | Tips and Tricks

PDF, the abbreviated from of Portable Document Format is one of the most popular file format used for sharing and reading documents. Adobe came up with the First ever PDF file during 90′s which later became very essential not only for general users but for office users as well. Why are PDF files so popular? The man reason behind it being so popular is its ease to use.

One can easily create and read PDF files with the help of any of the PDF reader or editor available out there.  The best thing about these PDF readers is that most of them are absolutely free. So you need not spend even a single penny to read and edit your PDF files.
However, the same is not true with password protecting PDF files. If you want to password protect your PDF file, you have to buy expensive softwares such as Adobe Acrobat to do that. There aren’t any good free alternative to Adobe’s Acrobat software, which can do the work for you.
But today we are here with an awesome online site which provides you an easy to use option of password protecting your PDF file and that too absolutely free. So, no need of buying costly Adobe Acrobat software if you were planning to buy it only for this purpose.

PDFProtect is that worthy site which allows you to password protect your PDF files. This is a colud based service, so you need not install any application to get your work done. Here’s how you can password protect your PDF file using PDFProtect.
(1) First of all, go to PDFProtect and choose your desired PDF file by clicking on the browse button.
(2) Once you have selected and uploaded the file, enter the password with which you want to protect the file.
(3) Now that you have entered the password, go ahead and select either High or Low encryption option as per your wish. Here’s what their site says about the High or Low encryption ratio.

High (more secure, but can’t be opened with oldest readers)
Low (compatible with older readers)
So, if you are looking for very secure file, then I would suggest you to go with the High encryption strenght option. However, as the site suggests, this file might not be compatible with old PDF viewers. So you will need any of the new PDF readers to open and read this file. On the other hand, if you are looking for more compatibility you should select the Low encryption strength.
(4) Once all this has been done, just click on the Protect option. The file will then be processed and very soon you will get the option to download the password protected file.
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