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The Advantages of Portable Hard Drives - Technology

The Advantages of Portable Hard Drives
The Advantages of Portable Hard Drives
Portables hard-drives are one of the most popular and most useful computer peripherals on the market. Today, with rapidly progressing technology, portable drives are capable of storing up to 1 terabyte of data or perhaps even more. For those who have never used portable drives, moveable drives are basically the same as your computer’s hard drive with one omission, they are moveable. Thus making these external hard drives transportable, enabling you to take them wherever you go moreover, they are quite easy to use, all you have to do is plug them in into a USB slot and you can begin transferring or uploading data on your portable hard-drive. Though, portability is just one of the many benefits of external data storage devices. The following is a comprehensive guide on all the benefits that portable hard drives have to offer:
Keeping data safe from viruses and malware  
Since most external hard-drives are able to store a lot of data and users can simply disconnect the hard-drive, the data on portable drives is certain to be safe from the likes of viruses since it’s not connected to a PC. Users often store their most important data on external drives; some of the most popular type of data stored on external drives is the following:
Movie collections.
Work related folders such as presentations or financial information.
Personal information such as social security numbers and tax returns.

Keeping your data safe from unsecured networks
Certain data such as the type mentioned above is considered sensitive; therefore, such information should by no means be stored on a computer’s hard-drive because when you are connected to an unsecured wireless network, it’s probable that someone may be able to access that information with comparative ease.

Data backup and access through multiple personal computers
External hard-drives are popularly utilized to back-up key data in following situations:
For when you need to re-format your old PC and need to backup certain data.
Using it as a secondary hard-drive in cases when the hard-drive on your PC is full.
Portable drives give the users flexibility to access data between multiple computers, without going through the hassle of transferring it through a network connection.

Data Security issues and features
There are some hard-drives widely available on the market that have a built in security feature such as integrated fingerprint reader, this security feature enable the user to safely transport their handy hard-drive without perturbing about data leaks. On the other hand, you may have to shell out quite a bit of currency for such built in features on external hard-drives. Nonetheless, for those of who that don’t have enough money to pay extra for sophisticated drive security and those who already are concerned about data security on their existing portable hard-drives can utilize the help of portable data security software, such as USB Secure. Such software provides a more effective means of data security and is proven to be less complicated than built in security features on external hard-drives.

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