How to make money online the easy way? Find out how I earn upto $5000 per month by spending just 30 minutes a day
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How to make money online the easy way? Find out how I earn upto $5000 per month by spending just 30 minutes a day

How to make money online the easy way? Earn upto $5000 per month by spending just 30 minutes a day
How to make money online the easy way
How to make money online the easy way

Most people would be surprised by reading the title of this hub and wonder if it would be really possible to make $5000 per month by spending just 30 minutes a day!!!!!!!! Well, I myself had the same feeling before I started working on online jobs. But now, I have made the impossible into reality. And I would like to share it with you here. Before I initially started my Online job venture, I was quite confused as to what online job program I should choose in order to kickstart my part-time earnings. While I ventured a variety of job programs such as form filling jobs and Data entry jobs, I wasn't really able to establish a stablised online job to earn considerable amount of money

While I had considerable knowledge and skill, I still couldn't convert the same into money. This is the period when I came to realise something, which really changed everything. I learnt how to make money by publishing my knowledge online. In other words, I started to make money by sharing my opinions with the world. This, I accomplised through writing and publishing articles online free of cost. I initially throught that people could make money online only if they can afford to build commercial websites to woo people, but I later found that I could get this done without spending a single penny. How? By publishing my articles on Free web publishing tools such as Blogs and Hubs. I came to know about this quite late but it didn't take long to become an expert in Web publishing. Free Web publishing tools such as Blogger, Hubpages and Squidoo enable us to create websites free of cost, which means you don't have to spend anything to create your sites. Secondly, you don't require a web creating expert or need to learn complex HTML to publish websites. Above all, these tools provide great SEO(search engine optimization) ranking as compared to normal websites, This ultimately means higher traffic to your websites.

I initially started by publishing an article each day. I was using Hubpages, Blogger and Squidoo. I used to spend around 30 minutes per day with my Laptop to write about any favorite topic such as Health, Education or Finance. After one month, I started getting considerable traffic to my sites. This is the point where I decided to join the Google Adsense program to monetize my sites. This way, I started to make money out of my sites. I started earning around $2 to $5 per day with the help of 20-odd sites. Later, I started increaing the number of sites, which gradually increased my earning potential. After around 3 months, I was making $15 per day which equivated to around $500 per month

Slowly, I found out how to enhance my earnings by learning about PPC(pay-per-click) programs other than Google Adsense such as Yahoo publisher network, Chitika,MSN adCenter and AdBrite networks etc. I also learnt about the all-new unique Kontera network, which enables website publishers to display in-line text ads compared to text and image ads provided by Adsense. This way, I started to combine Google Adsense ads with that of other networks on my sites. This increased my earning potential considerablly. For example, I used to combine Chitika ads with Adsense ads on my blogs. Similarly, I combined Kontera Ads with Adsense Ads on my Hubs.

At this point in time, I was making around $1500 to $2000 per month with 100-odd sites.

Then, I learnt about the all-new revolutionary marketing affiliate networks- eBay and Amazon affiliate networks. These affiliate programs enable you to earn money by generating traffic from your sites to the sites of eBay and Amazon. The idea is to improve their business, for which you get paid in turn. Unlike Google Adsense and other ppc programs which pay per click on ads, eBay and Amazon provide you bulk earnings, which are a flat percentage commission whenever a visitor to your site joins eBay or Amazon, or makes a product purchase. You typically get commission rates as high as 15% or 20%. For example, if a customer makes a purchase of $200, you would get $40 flat.

This way, I have converted my hobby of writing articles online into a serious money making business. I initially wanted to take this up as a part-time but today, this is getting me twice as much as my regular full-time income. If you also want to know about these programs, you can learn them below. Wish you all the best.
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