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Learn about the Microsoft® adCenter Publisher Program With TopWorldNet

Learn about the Microsoft® adCenter Publisher Program. How to join Microsoft adCenter Publisher program? Is Microsoft® adCenter Publisher PPC(pay-per-click) program better than Google adsense?
earn about the Microsoft® adCenter Publisher Program
earn about the Microsoft® adCenter Publisher Program
Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter) is the PPC(pay-per-click) affiliate program launched by Microsoft, which is similar to Google adsense and gaining popularity as Google adsense. Microsoft adCenter Publisher is basically designed for search advertising, i.e, Advertisers who want their ads to be displayed on popular keyword search results
Bill Gates' Microsoft was the last of the big three search engines- Google, Yahoo and MSN to develop its own PPC ad network. Until 2006, all the ads displayed on MSN search engine were supplied by Overture (and later by Yahoo). MSN collected a portion of the ad revenue in return by displaying Yahoo ads on its search engine. MSN search initially showed both Yahoo and Microsoft adCenter ads in its search results. As of June 2006, the contract between Yahoo and Microsoft expired and Microsoft is currently displaying only its own ads.
Microsoft has now started its own affilate programs for publishers, Microsoft® adCenter Publisher Program, which is similar to Google adsense. If you are already a advertiser, you automatically become a publisher. Over the years, MSN adCenter affiliate network has been rated as one of the best paying ppc affiliates alongside Google Adsense, Kontera, Chitika affiliate, Yahoo publisher and AdBrite networks. MSN AdCenter's attractive click rates makes it one of the most sought over online affiliate networks. MSN adCenter network ads are similar to those of Google Adsense, except that the ad palette contains MSN's logo instead of Google Adsense's logo. Further, MSN ads can be served in webpages alongside other affiliate ads as well.
For further information, please visit http://advertising.microsoft.com/publisher

Is Microsoft Adcenter better than Google adsense and other PPC affiliate programs?
Though Google adsense is considered as the leader in the PPC affiliate market, Microsoft Adcenter also offers good features and is an emerging player along with Google adsense,Chitika and and Yahoo Publisher network. MSN sends high quality traffic which benefits both advertisers and affiliates
Content ads on the Microsoft content network give advertisers the opportunity to have their search ads placed on high-traffic editorial pages. Matching content-targeted ads on relevant web pages are a unique feature of Microsoft ads. Due to this feature, affilates can obtain good CTR(click-through-rates)
Though it's tough to give a flat rating for Microsoft Adcenter when compared to Google adsense, Microsoft Adcenter has its own unique feature of search ads. When implemented after thorough analysis based on the nature and content of your websites, you can earn considerably through Microsoft Adcenter
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