Govt, World Bank review projects under implementation
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Govt, World Bank review projects under implementation

Hyderabad: The Government of India and the World Bank are reviewing the ongoing projects over the last two days. This is part of the efforts to improve on-the-ground implementation of development initiatives.
Govt, World Bank review projects under implementation

Nineteen of the Bank's India portfolio of 76 projects -- totalling a commitment of $4.3 billion -- were reviewed. The sectors are panchayati raj, rural water and sanitation, irrigation and water resources.

Of the total World Bank's India portfolio of $23 billion, Andhra Pradesh has projects worth $1.4 billion. This includes Andhra Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project ($150 million), the Andhra Pradesh Community Tank Management Project ($189 million), Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project ($300 million) and the Andhra Pradesh Water Sector Improvement Project ($450 million) besides the two-state (Andhra Pradesh and Orissa) National Cyclone Project.

Officials from the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), line ministries, state and project officials, and World Bank staff from Delhi and Washington participated in the exercise.

The review, chaired jointly by Sanjay Garg, Director, Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), and Michael Haney, World Bank Operations Advisor in India, was aimed at sharing knowledge.

'World Bank projects not only bring financing but also enable the transfer of knowledge and good practices. This review gave us an opportunity to know about the good performance and practices being implemented by projects,'' Michael Haney, World Bank's Operations Adviser in India, said.

As part of the joint review, Government and World Bank officials went on a field trip to the Andhra Pradesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project.

The World Bank's portfolio in India covers 76 active investment projects. During FY12, the Bank's board approved $ 3 billion in funding for 10 new projects in India.
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