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Google Play Store Does Away With Adobe Flash for Android

Hopefully you were keeping track of the news related to Android and Adobe Flash for the past year or so, otherwise today is going to be a rude surprise for you. Starting yesterday (August 15), if you have an Android device that is running on the latest version 4.1 Jellybean and don’t have Adobe Flash installed on it already, you’re not going to be able to get it at all. That’s because Adobe has gotten rid of the flash player for attainment from the Google Play Store.
This move is part of the switch that Adobe had announced way back in November of last year to integrate more with Adobe AIR and drop the usage of the flash player. Adobe AIR is expected to let developers put into additional apps for app stores down the line according to eWeek.
Also, it is believed that any devices that don’t have Flash already installed on the device before the user opens it for the first time will lose flash capability. This belief is from a quote that Web Monkey had gotten from Adobe themselves.

If you already had Adobe Flash on your Android device, then you’re in luck, because you’ll still be able to use the application. In fact, updates should still be rolling out as well, so you’ll be able to still with it. Also, archived versions of the Flash app will remain available by Adobe themselves, but not by Google Play. This will be where Adobe can expect to meet their hardcore fans.
However, you must keep in mind however that what you have as is will probably be one of the last devices that will ever have Flash.
In keeping with the ever-growing Apple influence, many see that HTML5 (which Apple uses for the Flash equivalent) has already overtaken the programs for interactive animation and other content. HTML5 exists on most other gadgets, as developers have found that it is this easiest to create content with.
So whether the true intention of getting ride of Adobe Flash is because of Adobe Air, or its just accepting that HTML5 is now paving the road is not completely clear, but perhaps the time has come for the end of a defining feature. Android will have to carry on if they want to stay in the game.

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